Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lions, Tigers and What is That Bear Doing?

Well folks, we're back from our vacation! We had a lot of fun, but man oh man! Am I glad to be back home! The vacation was 2 1/2 weeks long, so a lot happened. The family went to South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. We saw John's family, my family and celebrated our 6 year anniversary.  So I'll be breaking this vacation post into a few segments.

The family vacation began without me (I had to work). So John headed west with all three kids. They stopped in South Dakota and spent the night before beginning their big adventure.

The next day, they got up and headed to . They saw all kinds of animals.

And I'm sure there were a few questions as to what was happening here. Glad I missed this one!

After watching the bears play "leap frog", Johnny wasn't too sure about standing in front of this bear. LOL! Not sure I blame him!

AHHH!! One got in!!!

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