Friday, May 11, 2012

What a Day

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite weekends. Why you ask? Because it is all about me! Well ok, not just me but there is definitely a lot to celebrate! Like military spouses!!

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Before this deployment I knew that military spouses went through a lot but now that I am a "seasoned military spouse" (I use this term loosely), I have an even greater respect for the men and women fighting the hard battle at home.

When it comes down to it, our job is to complete "the mission" (aka Don't Let The Kids Kill Each Other). And along the way we end up creating new routines and building some awesome new friendships.

Our mission isn't government appointed like our husbands. It is usually something like making sure the kids (and you) are clean, clothed, fed, and well rested - even if that means children are wearing their Halloween costumes to bed and everyone including the dog is in one bed. You know what I am talking about. Those days where you end up falling asleep on your child's bedroom floor or squished into their bed (and of course the dog can't be left out so inevitably he has found his way to snuggle in and take up more than half of the twin size bed). Good times. Thank goodness for my chiropractor!

We definitely created new routines. Sometimes that routine meant waking up in the middle of the night for a Skype date. Sometimes that routine meant eating leftover frozen pizza because you're just too tired to really cook (I rationalized this as healthy food since it was a veggie pizza). Really, my routine was not having a true routine. Chaos may be a good word to describe some of the days. Thank God not all days were like that. Most days everyone got to school on time, made it to extra curricular activities and doctor visits in a timely manner. My two year old son made sure we ate 3 meals a day. He wasn't about to let me forget a meal time :) We learn to juggle, to adapt, and to know that someday we would share the bed with someone other than our dog and children.

There were many days where I could have found myself feeling completely overwhelmed and yet completely alone, but I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by some amazing Army wives who completely knew what I was going through (it is always nice to know your child isn't the only one who demands to sleep in a Rapunzel gown). These women experienced the same highs and lows. They just "got it". They are such an amazing support system and I am forever grateful for their friendships!

So to those ladies and all of the other Military Spouses out there: Thank You!!!


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