Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Like Mother Like Daughter

A few weeks ago our oldest daughter came home and said "I want to join Gymnastics." Then a few days later she said she said she wanted to take Hunter Safety.

Like every parent, my mind started running through the list of activities she's already a part of: violin lessons & girl scouts then add to that school, homework & friends. Is she going to be able to handle that much? Wonder where she gets the idea that going-going-going is such a great thing???

My mind started racing through all of the things I do in my "boring" life. Wife, Momma to 2 toddlers and 1 tween (this in itself is a full time job: cook, maid, taxi driver, laundry service, etc), daughter, sister, full time employee, FRG Leader, blogger.........the list goes on. And what do I do? I say "I want to take a photography class." 

Then the kids got sick. So everything went on hold (thus the lack of posts recently). They each took turns. One got better and then the next one would get sick. They've had everything from tummy bugs to double ear infections. So being the Army wife that I am, I know I have no choice. I throw my hair in a pony, slap on some deodorant and attempt to nurse my kids back to health praying to God that no one can smell the stench coming from my body.

Did you catch that word "attempt"? I have not been feeling well for a while. But after a few tests and some pretty big scares, we got some fairly good results. Now we're all back on the mend and we can get back to our normal life!!

I think I may even look into that photography class - or maybe a wine tasting
class would be a better option!


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