Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The conversation goes something like this (name changed to protect the moron)

Gertrude: Hello, this is Gertrude, thanks for calling today. Do you need to make an appointment?

Me: Hello Gertrude, I need to make an appointment to be seen by any doctor as late in the day as possible.

Gertrude: Who is your primary doctor?

Me: I normally see Dr. Smith. But it doesn't matter who I see today, just as long as it's later in the day. My husband is deployed overseas and no one can watch my children until later this afternoon or early evening.

Gertrude: Ok, how about 7:15 tonight? That way your husband will have plenty of time to get home and you can swap roles.

Me: (Trying to stay calm and not call her an idiot) No, I don't think he'll be home this evening since he's deployed. Overseas. 

I'm really hoping for her sake that this was just an "off moment" and that she isn't really THAT lacking in the listening department.




oh wow. ha ha ha some people aren't the brightest. lol


Ok...I was eating ice cream when I read that and nearly sprayed my screen with melted goo. Clearly, she has a rehearsed response to people. Oh boy!


Oh my.. I sooo needed that laugh right now! If John could get home by 7:15 on a night that's pretty darn good!
Kinda the same thing today.. I was checking Hannah in for surgery and Hannah had her Daddy doll. We just talked about he was deployed. The lady is reading all the info back and said the insurance through Thomas.. yaddy yadddy yaddy.. and then she goes "and the number to reach Tom?" I said "It doesn't matter.. he's
OVERSEAS!!" "oh... I guess that doesn't work then?" some people!!

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