Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I was born on an Air Force base in Michigan (it closed in 1993) and now work with a woman who was also an AF Brat at that same base! I should note that I no longer live in Michigan. It's such a small world!
{Dad & Me outside our home when I was 1 month old}

2. I'm a genealogy junkie.

{3rd Great Grandfather with his wife and children}

3. All but 2 males in my family (husband, grandparents, parents & siblings- including in-laws) have served in the military. I don't think they make blue star flags with 11 stars!

4. I was named after 2 of my aunts. I share my first name with one aunt and middle name with another.
{My aunt, Angie, died 9 days before I was born}

5. I have messed up feet. My pinky toes point outwards and my right pinky toe doesn't bend. I also have no feeling on the right side of my right foot when it gets cold. I always assumed it was broken at some point until my cousin mentioned to me that her's doesn't bend either.

6. I gave birth to my 2 biological children in a tub. I'll spare you from having to see photos of me us in the tub. Yes, I said "us." John was in the tub with me when both were born.

{Me, Maddie & John}

{Destinee, John, baby Johnny, Me & Maddie}
7. Our oldest child is my step-daughter. She is absolutely one of the best kids you could ever wish to know! She welcomed me into her family with open arms! Her loving acceptance has made me extremely sorry for how I treated my step-mom growing up.
8. I am one of 5 children. My youngest brother & sister (twins) are 22 years younger than I am.

9. I bite my nails when Im nervous. There's no need to see that!

10. I have an unbelievably loud tummy! It keeps me awake at night. Again, no need to see a picture of my tummy (you're welcome).

There you have it! 10 things about me.

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  2. lol, :( I chew my nails too (and wrote about it in my "top 10")

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