Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a Girl Wants!

What a Girl Needs!

Now that I've got you singing a little Christina (you're welcome), let me set the
stage for these oldies but goodies.

 I'm upstairs with Johnny and Maddie. I tell them
that after I change Johnny's diaper we will go downstairs and I will
make pancakes for breakfast.

They both are super excited and Maddie runs downstairs. I pick Johnny up
and down the stairs we go. Maddie beat me
kitchen by only a minute or so.

I get to the bottom stair, round the corner and look into the kitchen just as she says
"Mommy, I love pancakes!"
This is what I see.

Sprinkles. Everywhere. Note the little chair she dragged into
the kitchen to get to the goods.

She tried garlic powder first, then the Garlic & Herb rub.
Those were both a no go in her book!

I'm not sure who she was trying to convince, but these
don't look like pancakes to me!

Now, most would be worried about the knives or can opener that are right
in front of her. Me? No, I grab my camera (I should note it was on the counter in the same room). She could have cared less about these dangerous items within reach.
She just wanted sprinkles.

What are some of your "really?" moments with your little ones?


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