Sunday, September 18, 2011


Thankfully the family is on the mend! We spent this afternoon in the Emergency Room just so we could get the formal 'OK' and the kids could go back to school.

Every time I've sat in waiting rooms I've always wondered why everyone else was there. Sometime's it's visible. Sometimes not. Either way, I love to people watch! Don't you?

Here's a taste of what I saw today.

I entered the building and immediately felt like all eyes were on us. I had 3 people (between the front door and the receptionist's desk - 30 feet) tell me how cute my son is. I just wanted to say "DUH!" but I smiled and said "Thank you! You should see him when he's feeling 100%!" 

We get checked in and sit down across from a young couple. She is repeatedly kissing him and telling him she forgives him. Both are battered and bruised. I find myself wondering what their story is.

Moments later, an inmate walks in with a couple of officers. Shackled, he walks down the hall to a separate waiting area. Again, what's his story?

At this point I'm thinking "ok, please take us back to a room soon!"

Next I see three men in camouflage. They are all sitting near each other. No one says a word until their friend comes out into the waiting area after being treated. He's limping, is scratched up and his arm is in a sling.  Wonder what happened to this guy? Fell out of a tree stand maybe?

The couple that are both bruised and bleeding are called back to be seen. **There's hope that we'll be called back soon because I'm getting impatient** 

In their place sits down a man in an orange baseball cap, flannel shirt, camouflage pants and loafers. He's a loud talker and made sure that everyone in the waiting room heard his phone conversations. I won't go into details of why he was there, but I will say I hope he's feeling better soon. There's no question as to why he is there.

He kept my attention until Grandma's entire family arrived. "Grandma" sure is one lucky lady. Her family definitely loves her because they were all there! Prayers that Grandma gets better soon.

At this point we get called back and wait to be seen. We spent a total of 2 1/2 hours before we saw the Doctor. I was annoyed at the time but at the end of it all I had to be thankful. Thankful that we were there only to get a doctor's note saying the kids are healthy. Thankful that the kids live in a home where they are loved and taken
care of. Thankful my kids can pick out matching clothes. So, I'd say today
was an overall good day!


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