Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Member of Our Family is Missing

Minuit was born into another Army family on Christmas Eve 2006 and when he turned 6 weeks old he came home to live with us. On my son's 2nd birthday (June 24), Minuit will turn 4 1/2.
This morning started out like any other day. Get up, get ready, take the dogs for a walk. Now, anyone who knows Minuit knows that he enjoys running. A lot. He loves it so much that sometimes he goes without you or his leash. Yes. My dog runs away. Several times a week. Most days when this happens he runs around for a while, gets really dirty and then comes home when he's thirsty. This would be the one time I'm thankful that my lab/springer is afraid of water! **We live right next to a pond so if he liked water, we'd never get him to come home**

Today, on the otherhand, he decided he'd rather keep running. He's been gone for 6 hours and I'm panicking. We live by a highway and in a neighborhood that isn't very pet dog friendly. If he were a cat the neighbors would have willingly opened their doors to him.

Praying he finds his way home safely.



oh no! angie! i hope that he comes home soon!!!! i would be freaking out too!!!

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